A Discussion of Mathematics Grade 4, Module 2

Continuing the discussion from this morning’s post, participants in the PreK-5 math session this afternoon studied the five lessons of Grade 4, Module 2. A balanced and rigorous lesson contains four key components:

  • Fluency
  • Concept Development
  • Application
  • Debrief

Participants looked at the algorithm for adding and subtracting units and the five solution strategies that can be applied to this algorithm to bring it to life. Time seems to be a huge concern. Some districts do not have the suggested amount of time (60 minutes); they only have 45 minutes. However, teachers who have used the module lessons say the format gets easier with practice, and eventually they can cover an entire lesson in a given amount of time.

Where do we go from here?

  • Prepare sprints
  • Give teachers time to collaborate and read through overviews across grade levels
  • Workshops on modeling strategies
  • Give teachers time to practice delivery
  • Binders with materials – material management of modules
  • Revise report cards to effectively communicate with parents
  • Work on classroom management of modules

One thought on “A Discussion of Mathematics Grade 4, Module 2

  1. Yesterday’s P-5 math session ended with 20 minutes rotating sessions on instructional models. Excellent presentations on the use of the model and how that use progresses through K-5. Examples included place value charts, arrays and area models, tape diagrams and addition/subtraction with 5 groups. Good stuff, great connections being made with content.

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