Take-aways from “Learning the EBC Unit” – ELA 9-12 Afternoon Session

As teachers, we tend to notice details, figure out how they connect and then make a claim. We need to teach this inductive approach to our students. Teach students to see how ELA teachers see a piece of literature. This unit also focuses on scaffolded skill development- Teachers model how to make a claim and develop text-dependent questions to help their students make a claim. They should also give students multiple opportunities to practice this claim-making skill in the classroom. The more teachers practice the skill themselves, the more adept they will become at helping their students do the same.
The teachers at NTI were able to practice making Evidence-based Claims today and will continue tomorrow. Today we formed a claim about point of view or characterization in Hemingway’s “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber.” The Forming EBC tool is very helpful and will come in handy as we continue working with EBCs tomorrow. Great session today. It was very informative and a nice change from the focus on informational texts.

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