Ideas from the Tuesday Morning Session: Grades 9-12 ELA

The ELA 9-12 morning session began with a comprehensive discussion about assessing student learning and how to use their work to inform instruction. Participants assessed the Evidence-Based Claims they developed Monday with the EBC Assessment Tool provided. These tools have proven to be a valuable classroom resource for students so that they can assess themselves and their own understanding of the EBC process. There was also a focus on analyzing student work, figuring out the issues students confront in their understanding and then developing solutions that focus on instruction, not what students “can’t do.”

A further conversation about teaching the standards with fidelity ensued. The talk was on Standard RL.3 and common mistakes teachers make when teaching the CCLS, specifically not teaching the whole standard or teaching the wrong standard. To avoid these mistakes, teachers will need to refer to the standard often:

  • don’t refer to just the number
  • return to it when you are teaching
  • understand the standard:
    • the anchor standard
    • the grade-level standard
    • the section the standard resides within
  • assess the standard:
    • vet the assessment against the above

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