Small Groups at the Afternoon PreK-5 Math NTI Session

The Tuesday afternoon prekindergarten through fifth grade math session at the Network Team Institute focused on finishing up Module 2 for fifth grade and ending with a detailed explanation of the long division algorithm.

Participants broke into small discussion groups to brainstorm how to implement the module and how to differentiate instruction. Participants discussed how to fill the gaps and weaknesses when the work appears challenging for the majority of students. Participants learned that the role of Academic Intervention Services and Response to Intervention teachers is crucial. Discussion in the session centered around the importance of the foundational standards listed in the modules. Participants discussed the importance of collaboration between special education teachers and Academic Intervention Services teachers. It’s important for teachers to rehearse the modules so that they understand the language and modeling techniques.

In a smaller group session for administrators, there was a a panel discussion with two teachers and a curriculum specialist. Panelists were charged with answering, “What does quality implementation look like in the classroom?”

The educators on the panel suggested changing the pace of the lesson in order to incorporate all aspects of the lesson and making math a culture in schols. Panelists also said the modules give exemplar dialogue which should be heard in the classrooms and throughout the building. The successes of teachers should be celebrated, they said.

In the next year, educators need to work on developing learning communities where ideas are shared and critiqued in the school district or between school districts.


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