Grades 6-12 Math NYS Curriculum Release and Implementation

During the math session today, participants spent the first half of this morning discussing Topic C, looking at the key standards covered and types of approaches. Questions and approaches are different than in the past. See the example below.

Solve the following equation for x.  For each step, describe the operation used to convert the equation. 


What are the most important words in the question?

  • Describe (construct viable arguments)
  • Convert (coherence with equivalence from topic B).

How may ordered pairs (x,y) will be in the solution set 4x-y=10?  Create a visual representation.

Why does it make sense to represent the solution set visually?

Participants had a good conversation about the problem sets and homework. They are challenging and are not just the fluency exercises of the past. Participants agreed that a safe environment needs to be created for the struggles, and we need to prepare the parents for these struggles as well: perseverance is the theme.

The session also focused on lesson 14, solving linear equalities. In this lesson, students are asked to explore and prove the properties by a counter example. As a leader of discussion, the teacher needs to transfer the role. Teachers shouldn’t tell students the “rule” about multiplying an inequality by a negative number; the goal is for students to know it well enough to tell someone else.

Teachers will need support not only with the new content, but with classroom management techniques. It’s important to have procedures for students working together in groups to generate a quality discussion.

See the materials from the math sessions for grades 6-12 here.


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