Addressing Classroom Realities

Addressing Classroom Realities (9-12 ELA Session 6)

How do teachers preserve the continuity of the modules while addressing students’ diverse needs in the classroom? Teachers must be familiar with the modules and their materials in order to make decisions on how to adapt them for their classrooms.

Module-level considerations for adaptation:

  • Instructional shifts
  • Significant curriculum elements:
    • focus/assessed standards
    • text selections
    • number of lessons
    • performance assessments

When thinking about adaptations, consider:

  • Which standards represent areas for student growth?
  • When are the standards introduced?
  • What are students required to know/be able to do and when?
  • What will you lose if you work with particular texts or standards and not others?
  • How will you need to modify major unit/module assessments?

Participants considered these questions and more when looking at Module 11.1 (coming soon to They identified their own students’ needs and then generated recommendations for adaptation to meet their students’ needs. One concern was being able to read all of the texts. One suggestion was to use excerpts so that students will still be exposed to the text but will be given more accessible chunks.

Participants also considered adaptations that would need to be made on the unit and lesson level including eliminating, condensing, or extending certain elements. Considerations for adaptation include: pacing, homework, annotation, vocabulary, assessed/addressed standards, texts, unit/lesson assessments, reading processes, resources, time constraints, and most importantly, student needs.


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