Research Teams Skill Development

Research Teams Skill Development

The goal of this session was to learn about current research regarding skill development to determine the impact of classroom practice. Participants began this session by defining “Cohesive Literacy Instruction” and discussing the most important aspects of their definitions. This led to an Interactive Word Sort protocol which was a great activity that had tables of participants create a graphic that showed how words related to each other (using various types of arrows and plus and equal signs). Some of the words included: decoding, read-alouds, knowledge, accountability, fluency, ELA standards, and vocabulary.

Participants then walked around to the other tables to see how other groups regarded cohesive literacy instruction and how this can be useful in individual schools. This team activity can help to develop a vision within a school as to what reading instruction could look like. When considering how to address literacy instruction, everyone acknowledged that students learn how to read differently and that many factors come into play when developing curriculum. Expeditionary Learning will try to get the list of words and symbols posted on EngageNY so that schools can use this protocol with their faculty members.

This activity was followed by a protocol called “From Frenzy to Focus” which enabled participants to read and share articles concerning research about fluency and reading. The articles were very informative and participants agreed that this activity would be incredibly beneficial in faculty meetings at their own schools. This was a great opportunity to share new information and for participants to recognize articles that they wanted to pursue on their own.


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