Supporting Students with Disabilities: The Modules and Beyond

In one of Tuesday’s sessions for grades 3-8 ELA, “Supporting Students with Disabilities: The Modules and Beyond,” participants were introduced to the four A’s of Intervention:

  • Anticipate – How do you anticipate student needs?
  • Assess – How do you assess the results of the instructional decisions that were made in a lesson?
  • Act – How do you plan to act to meet student needs?
  • Analyze – What do you do to analyze the results?

The teachers then saw the four A’s in action by watching videos of teachers in their classrooms and talking about how the teachers used the A’s with their students. Much time was spent on reflection and considering the information gained in Monday’s sessions regarding intervention strategies. The goal was to learn about how teachers can use these strategies to support all their students, not just students with disabilities.

The materials for this session are available here.